Quality check

Professional Mechanical Service at KYOEI

There is no worry of the true condition for our used vehicles you are about to purchase here at KYOEI.
Our skilled mechanic team confidently provide all vehicles to be checked and examined thoroughly, for ensuring the cars to be in good running condition.
Our inspections process, documentation system, and website posting further ensure that you will know our vehicles inside and out.

Following is a list of our general mechanical services we provide to all vehicles.

1. Inspection

An exterior inspection is carried out to detect any dents, scratches and/or any other damage worth noting.
If there is anything we find, our skilled mechanics polish and re-paint it to be better looking.

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2. Full exterior and interior cleaning

All vehicles are placed into our washing room for removing all muds and dusts when necessary.
Engines are steam cleaned, interior cleaning done when necessary.


3. Mechanical inspections

Full time mechanics are on the premises for engine and overall mechanical inspection in fully equipped workshops.
Vehicles are lifted to inspect undercarriage and suspension, and all parts are replaced if necessary.



Our mechanics also check electrical parts whether there is any problems or not.
They also check a level of oil and water in the radiator before the shipment.

4. Grading System

All vehicles are graded, based on Kyoei Trading Co., Ltd.’s quality grading system.

Grade 5 Vehicle looks as good as brand new and its functions are very well. The engine, chassis, interior, and exterior are in excellent condition. No scratches or dents.
Grade 4 Very Good condition. No need for a big replacement with interior or exterior parts, but there might need very small replacement. Very few slight scratches or dents as any used vehicles have.
Grade 3.5 Vehicle has conspicuous marks on the interior or exterior, but there is no problem with running conditions itself.
Grade 3 Vehicle needs to be repaired on the interior or exterior. It has a problem with running condition, though there is no mechanical or electronic damages. Has various scratches or dents.
Grade 2 In a poor condition and several repairs are required. Some obvious scratches need to be fixed.
Grade 1 Vehicle needs extensive repair because of its accident or damage. The price is most reasonable.

5. Kyoei seal of Quality and Photograph

After all inspection is finished, the vehicles are given Kyoei Trading Co., Ltd. seal of quality, which is placed on the rear window. Vehicles’ exterior front and rear views, inside, and engine room and rear compartments are photographed.
More pictures can be taken if there is any requests from customers.


Pre-Shipment Inspection by Special Agencies

Based on your destination of shipment, vehicles must be inspected by the special agencies who qualified by your government. These special agencies are, for instance, Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC), Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI), and East Africa Automobile Service (EAA).



  • Check Oil and Water
  • Reconfirm the Chassis Number
  • Check Brake System
  • Check Electrical System, Headlight, Indicators, etc.
  • Check under chassis