Kyoei Trading

It is located in Anjo City, Aichi Prefecture. Automobile maintenance factory (Ai 9960).
Unlike major car dealerships, we do not have many stocks and we receive orders, one by one From car domestic car auction site etc. We are looking for a car that will meet your request and selling it.

Because the automobile export business is main, it is written in English.
Japanese translation function was also added.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please look through the following details when you want to know
how to use Auciton Site & how to order.

How to use Auction Site

We are authorized and member of major Japanese Auction Houses,
such as USS, ACA, Bay AUC, HAA, TAA, Isuzu U-Max, CAA, and so on.
Because only licensed dealers can purchase vehilces from these car
auction houses directly,we can assist you to look for your exact desirable units
from various options.
Buying your desirable vehicles from the Auction Houses is
the best way to save your time and money !

Here we will let you know How to use Auction Site and how to buy from us as the following steps.
Please visit once and can find your desirable vehicle.

Step.1 Register here

Step.2 Go to Auction page

Click [LOG IN] button. Enter your Username & Password.

Remarks : If you are not able to register by yourself, please let us know it by e-mail to
We will issue to you ID and PASSWORD immediately.

Step 3.Narrow down your desirable models.

Step 4.Bid your desirable vehicles.

Write your bidding price and click a button of Make a bid or place a request.

*Start Price is a starting price of unit itself, not a final price.
**Bid Price indicates only a price of the unit, not include our commission fee,inland transportation charges and Ocean Freight.

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Deposit by T.T. is must.
*Minimum deposit required depends on the value of the vehicles, whichi is
refundable or adjustable for your purchase.(see below FEES & CHARGES)

how to use auction site 6


Please make sure at your bidding price should be arrived a day before
the opening of Auction Date, otherwise we cannnot bid on behalf of you.

Step 5. Bidding

carhouseAll information for the bidding at the Auction will be provided as soon as we confirm your deposit.
Then, we start bidding at the Aucton Houses in behalf of you.

Step 6. Payment

shakehandEither your bids are successful or unsuccessful, we inform you the result of the bidding right away,

Successful Case

Final FOB,C&F, or CIF prices is announced, after we calculate the balance by adding all costs
and subtractiong your deposit.
The balance must be remitted within 7 days after notifying you.
**Your deposit will be impounded if we cannot confirm the balance.

Step 7. Shipment

shipAfter we confirm your payment, the unit is prepared for the soonest shipment.
The shipping schedule will be announced as soon as we receive it from our shipping agents.
Also, all necessary documents for the shipment are prepared and important documents,
such as Bill of Landings, Invoice, and several certifications are sent to you through DHL or TNT
after the vessel leaves the Port in Japan.

Step 8. Receving

receive car landcruiserReceive the vehicle !!
Congratulations !!


The price including all charges will be determined as shown below:

*1・・・It depends on the vehicle.

*2・・・Domestic Transportation fee varies by the region, so please confirm the fee before bidding.

*3・・・Freight charge varies by the size of the unit. Please feel free to ask us if you need to know the exact rate before the bidding.


You can arrange payment via Telegraphic Transfer through your bank.
The sender must pay all bank charges.
Please ensure that payment is in US Dollars and include your Sales Note number, Proforma Invoice Number, or
Chassis Number in the “description” field.
Once the payment has been arranged, please email or fax (+81-566-99-0760) us a confirmation of payment together
with your Sales Note Number, Proforma Invoice Number, or Chassis Number.


Bankers : The Bank of Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ LTD
Branch Name : Nagoya Chuo Branch
Bank Address : No.3-21-24 Nishiki, Naka ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.,Japan
Swift Code : BOTKJPJT
Account Name : Kyoei Trading Co.,LTD
Account Number : 1168051

Paying by Paypal


If you have a Paypal account you can pay immediately use this system.
Just log into your account, click “Remit a payment” at the top of the page and
remit the total amount(deducted T.T. amount that you have done in advance) as for your Sales Note.
Please indicate our Paypal email address as consignee :

When confirming the details for the remittance, please indicate your Sales note number in the message field.
If you do not have a Paypal account, you can create one right away.

Due to Paypal fees, we require an additional payment of 3% of the CIF price.

We can assist you any time !